Williams Lake Story:

It is safe to say no one will forget the summer of 2017. Wildfires ravaged our community and forced us all to evacuate to safer areas. Leaving behind workers, volunteers and loved ones to continue the fight to save our community. After seeing the generous outpouring from so many it was heat warming to see how many people would give up their time to volunteer to help. Looking for a small way to give back and support our community is when 100 Women  Who Care was started in Williams Lake. In January 2018 after seeing it being successful in other communities Williams Lake 100 Women Who Care Chapter was started.

100 Women Who Care- Williams Lake Chapter has heard from many of the amazing non-profits in our community. A wide variety of volunteers and workers make up these groups who work tirelessly to better the community that we live in. As a individual we can donate money; but as a group we can support a project. We challenge you to give us 4 hours a year and $200 to help support non-profits in our community.

The 100 Who Care movement was initiated November 2006 by Karen Dunigan of Jackson, Michigan. At the first 100+ Women Who Care Jackson, Michigan meeting, the women who wrote cheques to The Center for Family Health and raised $12,800, to buy 300 baby cribs. Today, there are over 350, 100 Who Care Chapters around the world. They include 100 Women Who Care, 100 Men Who Care, 100 Men Who Give a Damn, 100 People Who Care and 100 Kids Who Care groups.

100 WOMEN WHO CARE Williams Lake was founded in January 2018. Join the movement that is sweeping across communities in North America. We are not a charity. We’re a fundraising non-organization that facilitates the giving process, by giving back to our community through quarterly meetings.  Be the change you want to see in your community

One of the best things about 100 Women Who Care Williams Lake is the simplicity. It's an easy ways for you to give back to the community and have an impact when your time is limited. Four times a year you'll arrive at meetings with your cheque book in hand and one hour later, you'll leave with a smile. It doesn't get much simpler than that!~
Here is how it works:
  1.  Sign up and become a member.
  2.  Nominate a registered charity.
  3.  Put the next meeting date in your calendar.
  4.  Attend four one-hour meetings a year. Doors open at 6:00pm and meetings start promptly at 6:30pm.
  5.  Listen to the meeting announcements and watch as three registered charity nominations give presentations about their charity.
  6.  Learn about three local registered charities. Each Charity, or designate, will have up to five minutes to give their presentations. (no PowerPoint or handouts) Keep it simple from the heart!~
  7.  Vote for one of the three charities. Votes are counted. Charity is awarded!~
  8.  Write a $50 cheque to the charity with the most votes.
  9.  Place your check in the self-addressed envelope and hand it in.
  10.  You're done! But, we would really love it if you could stay for a group photo. Or stay and enjoy a meal or some social time.
  11.  Receive a tax receipt, for your donation, within four-six weeks.
  12.  Spend the next few months looking forward to the upcoming meeting.

We are a non organization - no bank account, no fixed address, no opinion. Everything goes to charity. 100%. ALWAYS.
Your $50 cheque is written directly to the charity, NOT to "100+ Women Who Care! Williams Lake" _ (because we don't have a bank account or a treasurer) Tax receipts will be issued directly by the charity. Contact the charity directly if you have received your tax receipt within 4-6 weeks.

Members of the Coordinating Committee take care of 100 Women Who Care Williams Lake day to day operations. Each member has a different role and together they work to:
  • Process membership forms and prepare to receive new members;
  • Vet nominated charities;
  • Find sponsors to help cover the costs of incidentals (since 100% of money donated by members goes to charities);
  • Book meeting space;
  • Promote the group to get new members;
  • Gather members cheques and present them to the charities that are chosen;
  • Communicate with members via our website, Facebook group, emails and phone call and ;
  • Keep things moving forward. 
Our Coordinating Committee members are all busy with work, families and other commitments and they are unable to track members down who can't attend meetings. They are greatly appreciate when you keep them informed and honor your donation commitments. 

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