Each member of 100 Women Who Care Williams Lake can nominate one registered charity, located in Williams Lake area to be considered for donation of funds raised during quarterly meeting.

Each member of 100 Women Who Care Williams Lake can nominate a registered charity to be considered for one of our quarterly donations. From the ballots, three nominated charities will be chosen to speak at our quarterly meeting.
After the presentations, members vote by secret ballot for one of the three nominated charities. The charity with the most votes receives the donation, and all the members write a $50 cheque to the chosen charity. If a tie occurs, the two ties charities are entered in to a second secret ballot vote.
After a charity has won the draw, it will be two years before that charity is eligible to be nominated again.
When a member's nominated charity receives a donation, the member can nominate another charity by filling out the Registered Charity Nomination Form.

To be considered for 100 Women Who Care Williams Lake donation, charities must be registered and location in the Williams Lake area.
If you're not sure that your charity is registered, you can find out by calling them, or going to Canada Revenue Agency Charity Listings and do a search. Or click here to check if eligible.  Please ensure your Registered Charity Nomination Form is submitted at least three weeks before the next meeting in order for your chosen charity to be considered for a donation.

We ask the that each nominated charity makes a brief 5 minute presentation about their charitable organization and how the funds would be used.  No use of PowerPoint or collateral materials. Short and simple is key!~

You want your nominated charity to receive a donation of up to $5000 or more, so make sure you develop a five minute presentation that is compelling. Be personal, be passionate and let the members of 100 Women Who Care Williams Lake know why they should support your charity.

  • Charities that are selected for donation may not be considered again for a period of 2 years. The exception is for departments within a large organization. These organizations may be selected again after 1 year, provided that is is for a different department or program within their organization. 
  • Charities that present at a meeting but are not chosen to receive funds may be nominated again.
  • The recipient charity must agree to provide tax receipts directly to the donors and to announce the expected mailing date of those receipts to the members on the evening of their selection. 
  • The recipient charity must agree no to create, sell or distribute a list with our members' contact information, and agree not to solicit our members directly for further contributions. 
  • A request will be made of the recipient charity to present an update on their use of the donation at one of the next two meetings of 100 Women Who Care Williams Lake.
  • 100 Women Who Care Williams Lake reserves the right to amend these eligibility criteria when appropriate, without consultation with the nominated charities.